• Please back off a little and dont take over the pages that I'm working on, unless it looks like I've done all i can do. I was looking forward to finishing prison of lucifuge after a difficult and stressful weekend and very disappointed to find that you entered the rest of the info.

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    • Well I'm sorry that you were disappointed to find that I had edited the page. As far as I know this Wiki is for any user to edit. I had no intention of 'stealing', or 'taking over' as you have described it, the page. It was left un-finished when I saw it so I decided to complete what I though was missing; completed pages/work to view is better than un-finished ones right?

      Think to yourself, was there any way I could have known that you wanted nobody to touch it?

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    • I havent touchd the projects other people have been working on via trade values. I trust you to keep improving that. I've been focusing on the things that have fallen between the cracks like the events and skills pages. My main concern (which is why I siad something to you) is that just a little while ago I had someone start making changes while I was working on a page and it got all messed up and I had to take alot of time fixing what they had added along with the changes they had made to the info I had added. And I was worried that it would happen again. Sorry I forced us off to a bad start.

      But now that I've done all I can do on the raid and tower event pages at the present. Id appreciate it if you'd go through them and see if you remember anything of the charts that I have left with "to be continued" and "rest is unknown." Thanks.

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    • Oh ok ^^ Yea, it is quite annoying when there is wrong info on a page..

      I've gone through all the event pages and put on as much as I can remember >__< Sorry if the infomation is wrong :o If you see anything slightly off, please change/edit it to what you think is better x3

      Some things I edited included..

      -Road to Baphomet pics (glad I had a screenshot of this xD) + Prison of Lucifuge pics to the Events page

      -Typhon Abyss stuff

      -Aphrodite's Banquet stuff

      -Succubus Tower stuff

      +Some minor edits on other event pages


      -Misty's Doll Item

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    • Oh good i couldnt find i pic for road to baphomet anywhere. To bad we are still missing one for divine war box and typhons' abyss. I uploaded a pic of giftbox from misty and a misty's doll. The other items we need are a balog stone and that santa misty doll from the fairy's caslte but they will probably repeat that event and someone will have to get her. those are all the items that i'm aware of.

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    • Ah, ok.

      I see you've undone the change to the Dragonia page that I did though. I believe that rank 1-50 got A.Drag+10 and not Blade Drag+10. Blade Drag+10 is rank 51-100 because I remember trying to get to rank 100 to get that Blade Drag since that was the only place to get her, but ended up at rank 112 or something with a A.Drag. Another source -  3rd comment. One of my friends on the game was around rank 80 and has blade.

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    • It was during this event that i started and and i got komo, i didnt really pay much attention to the placement of the other rewards since i knew i wasnt going to rank high as a newbie. i had just assumed that it would go blade then the 2 ancients and not a.dragon, b.drag, then adrag, because thats how it usually shows up in the other events like typhon's abyss they have the 2 typhons and then 1 rubia. if you want you can change it back, it doesnt really matter to me.

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