Greetings, young Darklords!

You will find some recommended skills to put on your precious cards. Some things to take into account include the ability to stack a card (how difficult is it to level up), or base maturity (is it going to be hard to break the maturity limit?). DON'T forget that the cards need to be the same type, cause not all cards can have any skill. This page is going to be divided into three sections: LGR, UR and SR.

  • Generally speaking, it is easy to put Evasion on a melee card because it can be farmed in Chapter 12.3: What is Sought via High Cyclops.
  • Note: This is still a work in progress.
  • Remember these are just suggestions!! Many other skills will work just as well!!
    • Note to Editors! Please be careful adding skills to this page.


LGR is short for Legendary Rare. These cards have higher base stats than UR and SR, but are very hard to stack due to rarity. Can hold 3 skills, except Bikini Solomon.

Card Name Default Skill Suggested Skill Where to find it
Balog Dark Lord's Wit

2. Hell Spark


2. Brunhild, Glasya-Labolas


Bikini Solomon Wild Slices





King Leo Almighty King's Claws

2. Valkyrie Hip Check


2. Lilim


Legendary Carbuncle Ultimate End

2. Goddesses' Wings


2. "Goddess"Aphrodite


Santa Misty Holy Elizabeth

2. Demolition or Wild Slices or Tantrum

3. Ultimate End or Hell Spark

2. Fondebelde, Diabolos / Minimini / Aeriel

3. LGR Carbuncle / Asmodays

Sariel Nightmare Claws

2. Bedroom Trap


2. Fairy Iris



UR is short for ultra rare. These cards have higher base stats than SR, but are harder to stack. URs can hold up to 2 skills, with the exception of Shina Frost.

Card Name Default Skill Suggested Skill Where to find it
"Darklord"Solomon Dark Lord's Wit
"Destruction God" Ra Demolition
"Goddess"Aphrodite Goddesses' Wings
"Goddess"Herse Dragon Tail
"Goddess"Iris Panic
"Goddess"Pegasus Heavenly Dragon Strike
"Lord"Dracula Stone Breaker
Aeriel Tantrum
Amon Pixy Syrup
Amymon Reaper
Ancient Dragon Imperial Embrace
Asmodays Hell Spark Life-and-Death Barbatos, Ifrit, Jormungand
Barbarossa Indignant Rage
Barbero Angel's Prayer
Bikini Lilia Evasion Bikini
Blade Dragon Imperial Embrace
Brunhild Hell Spark
Countess Misty Full Charge
Damsel Misty Dark Lord's Wit
Dark Baphomet Otherworldly Beast Fang
Diabolos Demolition
Empusa Black Hole
Fairy Clea House of Cards
Fairy Iris Bedroom Trap
Flora Dragon Tail
Fondebelde Demolition
Freyja Messiah's Blessings
Glasya-Labolas Hell Spark
Glenn Knockout Evasion High Cyclops
Gremory Goodbye Kiss
Grim Reaper Reaper Evasion High Cyclops
Hekaton Wild Slices
HighGremin Falcon's Speed
Ixion Exotic Thunder
Kerri Imperial Embrace
Lancelot Grand Slash
Lilia Messiah's Blessings
Lilim Valkyrie Hip Check
Loki Loki Magic
Lucifuge Panic
Lugia Indignant Rage
Luiz Darkness Flare
Manticore Demon Poison
Marida Dark Blade
Minimini Wild Slices
Misha Goddess of Rebirth
Ouroboros Dragon Tail
Pazuzu Hades Crush
Pixila Valkyrie Hip Check
Pluto Hades Crush
Poseidon Siren's Song
Ramia Hidden Scales
Rubia Beast Poison
Selene Moonlit Baccarat
Shina Frost Tantrum
Shiner Dragon Slayer Evasion High Cyclops
Succubus Priestess Lightning Speed
Succubus Queen Succubus Prank
Swimsuit Misty Evasion Bikini
Tartaros Wyvern's Poison
Travis Grand Slash Evasion High Cyclops
Typhon Infinity Shell
Valkyrie Hades Crush


SR is short for super rare. These cards are generally more common than UR. A higher stacked deck of SR cards can beat a lower stacked UR deck that may cost more. Can hold up to 2 skills.

Card Name Default Skill Suggested Skill Where to find it
"Goddess"Diana Extinction Blast
"Knight"Medusa Paralyzing Kiss
"Queen"Misty Misty's Fury
Alluring Amon Knockout
Amdukias Demon's Blade Life-and-Death Barbatos, Ifrit
Andromalius Extinction Blast
Anubis Demon Wall
Apollon Solar Beam Fallen Wings Imp
Artemis Shining Arrow
Astaroth Two-Timer
Baal Demon Wall
Beelzebub Black Hole
Belphegor Extinction Blast
Beowulf Exploding Slice Evasion High Cyclops, Witch, Pumpkin
Black Dragon House of Cards
Blue Fang Smash
Cerberus Two-Timer Evasion High Cyclops, Witch, Pumpkin
Chaos Beast's Fang
Dark Elf N/A
Dark Priestess Fallen Wings
Echidna Knockout
Elmy Beast Venom
Fairy Foxy Extinction Blast
Fairy Mandragora N/A



Flare Heavenly Dragon Strike Life-and-Death Barbatos, Ifrit
Forneus Critical Life-and-Death Barbatos, Ifrit
Fortuna Solar Beam
Gargoyle Greed Demon
Garuda Dragon Venom
Gremin Lightning Speed
Halberd Vault Guard
Halloween Witch Misty's Fury
Harpuia Demon's Blade
High Buffalo Demon Venom
High Mammon Critical
Jack-o'-Lantern Demon's Fang
Jormungandr Life-and-Death Critical Lucifer
Lachesis Critical Life-and-Death Barbatos, Ifrit
Laggia Smash
Lamia N/A
Lewis Demon Venom
Lilin Lightning Speed
Little Luiz Knockout
Lucifer Critical Life-and-Death Jormungandr
Lucifer Jr. Blind Devotion
Masked Beauty Extinction Blast
Masutema Dragon's Fang
Melkisedec House of Cards
Naga Knockout Smash Laggia
Nya Paralysis-b-Gone
Nyx Knockout Smash Laggia
Polaris Full Charge
Qilin Life-and-Death Critical Forneus
Raphael Angel's Prayer
Rodia Falcon's Speed
Sahaquiel House of Cards
Samuel Stone Breaker Evasion High Cyclops, Witch, Pumpkin
Satanachia Pixy Syrup
Sicilia Goodbye Kiss
Siren Beast Venom
Skelton Temptation
Succubus Beast Venom
Sytri Fall from Grace
Thanatos Heavenly Dragon Strike Life-and-Death Jormungandr
Tiamat Paralyzing Kiss
Witch Pluto Knockout
Xaphan Lightning Speed Demon's Blade Harpuia
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