Road to Baphomet
Road to baphomet
Vital Statistics
Event Type Tower
Event Period
Start End
August 15 2013 August 25 2013

Details of the EventEdit

  • Meet Balrog on the way, the protector of the sacred land, and persuade her to grant you a chance for UR cards!
  • Earn BP PT for ranking! This event will also have Term ranking, where you can get Term ranking rewards for your rank during each Term.
  • You have 30 minutes to go through the levels (similar to netherworld and secret halls)
  • Two difficulties to choose from Easy or Hard. Difficultly effects the card bonuses and item at the end of floor.
  • As you continue to successfully pass through the floors in the alotted time, the floors will increase in increments of 5.
  • Technically this is considered a Tower Event but it's different then the past Towers.


  • Acheive 100% success in negotiation by offering Balog Stone.
  • If you succeed in negotiation, Share Success with your friends so that your friends get another chance to negotiate.

New Cards IntroducedEdit

Secret ArmyEdit


Mission RewardsEdit

BP PT Rewards
?? Balog Stone Balog Stone
?? Satanachia Satanachia
?? Rest is Unknown

BP PT Ranking RewardsEdit

Rank Rewards
1-10 -Dark God-Balrog Balog
?? Darkness Baphomet Dark Baphomet
?? Minimini Minimini
?? Satanachia Satanachia +5
?? Rest is Unknown
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