Prison of Lucifuge
Prison of Lucifuge Event
Vital Statistics
Event Type Raid
Event Period
Start End
November 7 November 17
Prison of Lucifuge Event2

Details of the EventEdit

  • One Darklord has gotten tired of seeing disorder in the dark world and seeks to take control.
  • Ally with your friends and other Darklords to stay free of her persecution!
  • Battle for ranking and glory.

How to PlayEdit

  • The Raid Boss(es) will appear randomly in Chapters 3 and above.
  • NOTE: The Raid Boss will ONLY appear in UN-cleared stages in Chapters 3~8!
  • The Raid Boss will not emerge in Netherworld, and if you are already in a battle with a boss.
  • If you defeat the raid boss you will be rewarded with Treasure Chest.
  • Higher the level of the boss, rarer the treasure chests rewards will be!
  • Defeat stronger boss for the rarer cards!
  • Each boss is more susceptible to attack from Melee, Ranged, or Flying-type card.
  • Figure out their weakness and create the optimal deck for destruction!
  • Defeat 3 bosses in 30 min, and a Rare Boss will appear!
  • It is not stated anywhere but randomly when you defeat a boss you may recieve a Balog Stone.

Earn Victory PTEdit

  • More Triumph PT earned when you defeat higher level bosses.
  • Triumph PT earned will be in proportion to the amount of damage you incur to the boss in the battle.
  • 20% Bonus Triumph PT when you defeat the boss in battles invited by your friends.
  • Earn as many Triumph PT as possible for top ranking!!
  • Using Devil's Spear will deal GREAT damage to the raid boss.


  • Cooperate with your guild member to defeat Raid Bosses!
  • Guilds will also be ranked by the combined Triumph PT of the guild members.
  • You will be ranked within your guild for rewards.

About ComboEdit

  • No Combo Count in this Event

Secret ArmyEdit

New Cards IntroducedEdit


Mission RewardsEdit

Victory Points Rewards
1,500 Battle Drink (Personal) Battle Drink (Personal)
3,000 Escape Portal Escape Portal
4,000 Stamina Drink (Personal) Stamina Drink (Personal) x2
7,200 Escape Portal Escape Portal
9,000 Kreddi Kreddi
10,000 Bronze Coin Bronze Coin
12,000 Stamina Drink (Personal) Stamina Drink (Personal) x4
15,000 Skill Power Up Potion Skill Power UP Potion
22,000 Kreddi Kreddi
30,000 Gold Ticket Gold Ticket x1
40,000 Battle Drink (Personal) Battle Drink (Personal) x5
60,000 Gold Gold +200,000
82,000 Stamina Drink (Personal) Stamina Drink (Personal) x5
100,000 Bronze Coin Bronze Coin
130,000 Battle Drink (Personal) Battle Drink (Personal) x5
170,000 Bronze Coin Bronze Coin
250,000 Gold Ticket Gold Ticket x1
350,000 Skill Power Up Potion Skill Power Up Potion x5
500,000 Giftbox from Misty Giftbox from Misty
800,000 Lilia Lilia

Victory PT Ranking RewardsEdit

Rank Rewards
1-10 Legendary Carbuncle Legendary Carbuncle

Battle Drink (Personal) Battle Drink (Personal) x10

1-30 Lucifuge Lucifuge +10

Battle Drink (Personal) Battle Drink (Personal) x5

31-100 (200,300,400,500,1000,3000) Lucifuge Lucifuge +2

Battle Drink (Personal) Battle Drink (Personal) x15

101-200 Lilia Lilia

Battle Drink (Personal) Battle Drink (Personal) x10

201-1000 Fairy Foxy Fairy Foxy +10

Battle Drink (Personal) Battle Drink (Personal) x2

1001-4000 Kreddi Kreddi +10

Battle Drink (Personal) Battle Drink (Personal) x1

4001~ Kreddi Kreddi +1

Battle Drink (Personal) Battle Drink (Personal) x1

Max Damage Ranking RewardsEdit

Rank Rewards
1-3 Ixion Ixion
1-10 Gold Coin Gold Coin x1
11-50 Silver Coin Silver Coin x3

Guild Ranking RewardsEdit

Rank Rewards
1-5 Blessing Ticket Blessing Ticket x1
6-10 SR Card Draw Ticket SR Card Ticket x1

In-Guild Victory PT Ranking RewardsEdit

Rank Rewards
1 Bikini Lilia Bikini Lilia
2-5 Silver Coin Silver Coin x3
6-10 Bronze Coin Bronze Coin x3
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