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  • I posted the previous comment

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  • nice job, maintaining the site with updates of events/etc. this wiki has come a long way.

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    • Well thanks froggy. :) I've spent a lot of time trying to add all the events and other pages that were missing or outdated. But I'm also grateful for all the help everyone else gives. Sharing opinions and helping fill in the gaps I can't remember, and fixing my typos cause I just type to fast.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • how many skill pots do u want each ?

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  • I have to point this out but the values of this page are mostly all wrong. I will point out a couple that should be changed:

    Clea - She probably worth like what 10 - 12?

    Misha - Probably 25 - 45 (Same as Barbero)

    Aeriel - She's rare, but around 60 - 90 only.

    Amymon - Not released in CPs anymore, not as rare as Ra and the others, maybe 200? (Close to Barbarossa)

    Fondebelde - At least 200 were released in Divine CP, now around 170 - 220 (Like Succubus Queen)

    High Gremin - Really? She can't be find now, at least 200 like Barbarossa.

    Glenn - She should have the same value of Barbero and Gremory.

    Amon - At least 60 - 90 (She's considered to be a mid tier with high demand)

    Flora - 25 -45 (That's all, she's pretty much unwanted now)

    Blade Dragon - 120 - 150 (Why so high? I see a lot of them over the place)

    Travis - Her value is probably lower than Shiner, don't know what exactly.

    Overally, I feel that the person who wrote this page is actually writing this based on his/her own perpestive and trying to push and pull the value of cards based on her needs. This is a one-sided page, please update this constantly and fairly or just take it down completely. Please consider this as a lot of new players are giving good cards for rubbish thanks to this page.

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    • Why dont you try and edit the trade value page then? Would also be really helpful for other players also to know whats going on.

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    • I did try before but they claim my values aren't accurate and such. So, get the admin to do it. Nobody will complain this way.

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    • Hey. If I knew who you were that might change my opinion of what I think about some of your suggestion. You say you are concerned that these values might be set for someone's preferences to fill someone's needs but how do I know that you aren't trying to do the same? But for your sake I shall explain why some values shouldn't change. But remember that these aren't exact pot worth in order to show the price difference better.(if you want to know exact pot values you might have to ask)

      Clea- is worth more then SR she's worth just under 100 to collectors, less to non-collectors.

      Misha- defiantly worth more then barbero. She's not quite as common. And some like her skill

      Aerial- top players told me not to let people lowball me for my aerial cause she's high tier. Your 60-90 suggestion is low-mid teir.

      Amymon- though rare she's just not being traded for much sadly.

      Fonde -she will be give bonus atk and def in raids again so still a lot but she did loose a little value cause so many released

      High gremin- again not being traded for much even though she's rare. Worth more at lvl 0 then stacked cause she was alway mainly used for fusion.

      Glenn- though it's not much of a difference gremory, sucpri, and barbero are slightly more common.

      Amon- is low-mid teir. Said by all top players

      Flora- about equal to Glenn

      Blade dragon- really?? She's an old event exclusive not a lot released and those that have her just don't wanna trade her.

      Travis- she's worth less then shiner to most people.

      I'll adjust some of the values a bit but if you have more to say I'll listen and answer. FYI people still complain when admins make changes. :)

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    • But I've been extremely busy so it'll just have to wait for a little bit I'm on my phone right now and I only like to edit pages on the computer.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • why did you delete trade values page? It does have a purpose, and I am assuming it is you based on the fact that you were last person to edit it before it vanished so if it isn't you I apologise.

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