Fairy's Castle
Fairy's Castle
Vital Statistics
Event Type Tower
Event Period
Start End
September 26 2013

November 27 2013

October 6 2013

December 9 2013


Details of the EventEdit

  • Search for the Fairy's.
  • Find a Fairy while questing and you will be given a chance at negotiation. Charm the Fairy's with toys to win cards that had been hidden.
  • Fairy's may appear in a group on rare occasions. You may get greater rewards when you successfully negotiate with a group of Fairy's.
  • Earn Fairy PT to place high in the ranking for ultimate rewards!
  • Many different Fairy await you! And each has a unique set of special cards to present to you!

Negotiation with the FairyEdit

  • Achieve 100% success in negotiation by offering Friendship pt, Gold, or toys.
  • If you succeed in negotiation, Share Success with your friends so that your friends get another chance to negotiate with the Fairy!

Collaborate with your friendsEdit

  • You will progress through each floor more quickly if you have friends in the same area (every 10-floors) of the Fairy's Castle.
  • The more friends you have in the upper floors, the larger the bonuses applied to your deck's ATK PWR and DEF PWR.

Extra InfoEdit

Apparently there was some name changes when they translated from Japanese to English. This was supposed to be a Christmas Event but some how it was changed and became more of a Fairy Tale. The original names translated to English were supposed to be as follows...

  • Santa Iris---Fairy Iris
  • Reindeer Clea---Fairy Clea
  • Chistmas Mandragora---Fairy Mandragora 

New Cards Introduced 1st TimeEdit

No new Cards Introduced 2nd Time


Mission Rewards 1st TimeEdit

Fairy PT Reward
Floor 50 Fairy's Doll Fairy's Doll
Floor 100 FairyMandeagora Fairy Mandragora
Floor 150 Fairy's Doll Fairy's Doll
1,200,000 Fairy Clea Fairy Clea
?? Rest is Unknown

Fairy PT Ranking Rewards 1st TimeEdit

Rank Rewards
1-10 Santa Misty Santa Misty
1-30 Fairy Iris Fairy Iris +5


Fairy Clea Fairy Clea
101-150 Fairy Mandragora Fairy Mandragora +10
151-300 Fairy Foxy Fairy Foxy +5


Fairy Foxy Fairy Foxy

Saria Saria +30

3,001-10,000 Rest is Unknown

Mission Rewards 2nd TimeEdit

Fairy PT Reward
50 Areas Fairy's Doll Fairy's Doll
100 Areas FairyMandeagora Fairy Mandragora
150 Areas Fairy's Doll Fairy's Doll
5,000 Stamina Drink (Personal) Stamina Drink (Personal)
10,000 Battle Drink (Personal) Battle Drink (Personal)
20,000 Stamina Drink (Personal) Stamina Drink (Personal) x3
40,000 Bronze Coin Bronze Coin
50,000 Bingo Ticket
100,000 Bronze Coin Bronze Coin
150,000 Bingo Ticket x2
300,000 Bingo Ticket x3
300,000 Bronze Coin Bronze Coin
500,000 Skill Power Up Potion Skill Power Up Potion
750,000 Silver Coin Silver Coin x3
1,200,000 FairyMandeagora Fairy Mandragora

Ranking Rewards 2nd TimeEdit

Rank Rewards
1-5 Sariel Sariel
6-30 Fairy Iris Fairy Iris +5
31-100, 200,300,400,500,1000 Fairy Clea Fairy Clea
101-150 FairyMandeagora Fairy Mandragora +10

Stamina Drink (Personal) Stamina Drink (Personal) x10

151-300 Fairy Foxy Fairy Foxy +5

Stamina Drink (Personal) Stamina Drink (Personal) x5

301-1,000 Fairy Foxy Fairy Foxy

Stamina Drink (Personal) Stamina Drink (Personal) x3

1,001-3,000 Saria Saria +50

Stamina Drink (Personal) Stamina Drink (Personal) x3

3,001-10,000 Saria Saria +10

Stamina Drink (Personal) Stamina Drink (Personal) x2

10,001~ Gold Gold +10,000

Stamina Drink (Personal) x1

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