Divine War Box CP
Divine War Box
Vital Statistics
Event Type Paid
Event Period
Start End
September 20, 2013 Unknown
Divine War Box02
Divine War Box03

Details of the EventEdit

  • This should be... an interesting battle!
  • Draw your army from DIVINE WAR BOX CP and battle agianst the raid boss for Victory PT!!
  • Boss will appear the moment you draw your cards
  • Earn SR-or-better cards AND Victory PT from the battle for ranking rewards!
  • Your ATK Deck will be composed of cards drawn from the CP ONLY

This "Event" was pay-to-play and caused alot of controversy. You basically payed to draw a CP (Card Pack) of random cards that would battle the boss. The CP included Rare, Super-Rare, Ultra-Rare and Legendary Rare. Unusually rare cards like "Destruction God" Ra, "Darklord"Solomon, "Goddess"Pegasus and Artemis were displayed in the possible cards to be drawn.

  • When the boss is defeated you are garenteed to receive SR or higher.
  • There are 5 terms each lasting 2 or 3 days.

Earn Victory PTEdit

  • More Victory PT earned when you defeat higher level bosses.
  • Victory PT earned will be in proportion to the amount of damage you incur to the boss in the battle.
  • Earn as many PT as possible to top ranking!!

Unfortunatly the amount of PT earned depends on the cards you draw so you may not earn many, nor defeat the boss. But unlike the usual raid you don't need to defeat the boss to receive your PT nor is there a time limit in which the boss needs to be defeated before vanishing.

Secret ArmyEdit

The Secret Army included many cards including Super-Rare and Ultra-Rare

New Cards IntroducedEdit

New Cards Introduced 2nd TimeEdit


Mission RewardsEdit

Victory PT Rewards
?? Stamina Drink Stamina Drink x10
?? Battle Drink Battle Drink x10
?? Skill Power Up Potion Skill Power Up Potion x10
10,000 Vicotory PT Shina Frost Shina Frost
?? Lots more (mainly pots) given as rewards

Term Ranking RewardsEdit

Rank Rewards
1-10 Santa Misty Santa Misty


Pixila Pixila
1-100 Giftbox from Misty Giftbox from Misty

Mission Rewards 2nd TimeEdit

Victory PT Rewards
150 Stamina Drink Stamina Drink x2
400 Bronze Coin Bronze Coin
700 Bronze Coin Bronze Coin
1,000 Bronze Coin Bronze Coin
1,500 Gold Ticket Gold Ticket
2,000 Gold Coin Gold Coin
2,500 Silver Coin Silver Coin
3,000 Gold Ticket Gold Ticket
3,500 Silver Coin Silver Coin
4,000 Silver Coin Silver Coin
5,000 Stamina Drink (Personal) Stamina Drink (Personal) x10
6,000 Gold Ticket Gold Ticket
7,000 Battle Drink Battle Drink x10
7,500 Skill Power Up Potion Skill Power Up Potion x5
8,000 Gold Coin Gold Coin
8,500 Skill Power Up Potion Skill Power Up Potion
10,000 Barbarossa Barbarossa

Term Ranking RewardsEdit

Rank Rewards
1-2 Bikini Solomon Bikini Solomon +1
3-10 Bikini Solomon Bikini Solomon
11-30 Fondebelde Fondebelde
1-100 Giftbox from Misty Giftbox from Misty
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