Some Basic InfoEdit

The reason for the page as you may already have guessed, is to give some deck building advice.

Your deck consists of 5 cards. And you have 6 slots in which to place your different cards. Melee can only be placed in the front, Ranged only in back and Flying can go in the front or the back row.

Typically Melee have higher defense and lower attack, Ranged high attack and lower defense and Flying are usually pretty balanced between the two.

Keep in mind that having higher deck strength doesn't always mean that you'll be able to beat someone with lower strength. Having a variety of good skills can make all the difference. So fusing cards with good skills to a cards with good stats is well worth the sacrifice. Just don't go fusing any skills or might find yourself in need of a skill remover.

Some Darklords seem to be creating 2 decks a PVP deck and a Raid Boss deck. They express that they start with a PVP and then later move on to a Raid deck. Typically you only really need one deck, create a good Raid deck and you will have a good PVP deck.

It is recommended that you start by staking SR, then switch in your UR as you stack them and they become stronger then your SR. Some Darklords appear weak because they have a deck full of only SR. But in some cases those SR are highly stacked and can put up quite a fight.


There are 4 current Raid Boss killing skills. The following list orders them strongest to weakest.

  1. Dragon Slayer - Melee only
  2. Heavenly Dragon Strike - Flying and Ranged
  3. Shining Arrow - Ranged only
  4. Dark Blade - Ranged only

All will be good against Raid Bossess and all except Dark Blade will deal damage to PVPs.

When fusing skills it is important that you think of how long a certain card may be in your deck. Example, cards that are harder to come by like, Diabolos, become difficult to stack and will soon be passed up in stats by a more easily stacked UR. So don't waste a good skill on her if you think she won't be in your deck for very long.

If you have the resources to do so always pick the stronger skill. Some skills have muplitiple versions of the same skill. Example: Ultimate End, Hell Spark, and Full Charge. All 3 skill do the same thing, but Ultimate End is the stongest and Full Charge is the weakest. If possible choose the strongest version of the skills. Not many Darklords have and extra Legendary Carbuncle lying around waiting to be fused though, so most just go with Hell Spark.

Next, find skills that compliment eachother. One of the big ones are Santa Misty's Holy Elizabeth and Valkyrie Hip Check. Holy Elizabeth lowers enemy ATK while VHC lowers enemy DEF.

Quick Tips to RemeberEdit

  • Do not leave your deck at the default setting.
  • Place higher defense cards in the front row.
  • Place lower defense cards in the back row.
  • High stacked SR can be stronger then low stacked UR
  • High stacked UR can be stronger then an LGR
  • Fuse with the strongest version of a skill

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