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• 5/30/2013

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Slot#1 [Goddess] Diana Lvl18 Maturity 2885 Att:9879 Def:5127 Extinction Blast Lvl6 Crit Lvl5

Slot#2 Emly Lvl29 Maturity 3070 Att:10581 Def:5879 Beast Venom Lvl8 Evasion Lvl8

Slot#4 HighGremin Lvl21 Maturity 5055 Att:10603 Def:6471 Falcon's Speed Lvl7 Solar Beam Lvl1

Slot#5 Empusa Lvl1 Maturity 5091 Att:9238 Def:5329 Black Hole Lvl2 Demon's Blade Lvl1

Slot#6 [Goddess] Herse Lvl1 Maturity 5000 Att:8727 Def:6909 Dragon Tail Lvl2 Fallen Wings Lvl2

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• 5/30/2013

Well, your cards have high stats.. I feel that your front line doesn't really support your back line that well.. Beast Venom doesn't really help anyone but Elmy, the Critical on Diana.. I personally don't like it too much, since the rest of your deck is focused for your back line, I feel that your front line should try to last as long as possible if you have a deck setup with multiple back line attackers.

For your back line, Falcon's Speed is nice, Fallen Wings + Dragon Tail is a nice anti-Flying combo, combined with Solar Beam on HighGremin to wipe their Flying out.. Demon's Blade helps you take out their front line.. so pretty much your back line is meant to wipe out their all their Flying (especially front line Flying)

On the other side of that.. I think a Melee heavy team might give you some troubles, Grim Reaper would probably make quick work of Elmy, paralysis might be a problem too.

I'd say overall that the deck is pretty good though :P

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