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• 4/29/2013

Quick way to max the maturity of your favorite cards.

If you have either multiple devices or multiple accounts, when the daily maturity boost for your leader comes up, accept it, then change your leader to something else, then gift your card to a different account. Switch to that account, accept the gifted card, then set it to your leader. Click the daily maturity bonus. Rinse and repeat. I maxed my Beowulf and Amdukias quickly like this, now I'm working on my Forneus.

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• 5/1/2013

Woah, I never thought about that. Thanks for the tip.

• 5/9/2013

If youre willing to trade a lvl 0 max maturity SR i don't care which one is it i can give a few for it :) nick in game Aertfar, can also give stamina pots

• 5/10/2013
Give 'a few' for it? A few what? Right now I'm just working on maxing the maturity on my own deck.
• 5/19/2013
i thought it was against the rules to have more then one account?
• 5/20/2013

Nope, Nexon allows it. I'm looking for the source now. Basically almost everyone at some point has more than one account.

Ah, it was on the facebook traders page.

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